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About Us

We are a fashion boutique passionate about providing exquisite dressing for the stylish woman. Every item of clothing we offer is an expression of our passion for beauty and our commitment to encouraging young women to be the best versions of themselves. Inspired by my own undying desire to go after my dreams, I created the Promote Plush women clothing brand, Promote Plush which offers original and uniquely elegant, trendy and classy ready-to-wear clothes for fashionable women with high tastes in clothes.

We are a brand committed to making clothes intricately crafted and sewn with the highest quality of buttery-soft and feathery-light fabrics. Our collection of unique and timeless clothing ranges from cute and flattering swimsuits to very comfortable intimates which are sure to bring more life and color to your wardrobe and to you when you're dressed in them.

Here at Promote Plush, we are committed to offering you the very best products while ensuring that you do not have to break the bank. We have a wide variety of options that you can choose from, embracing your versatility and showcasing your beauty. Our range of clothes allows you to be just as daring as you want to be and project the woman that you truly are.

More than just being a women's clothing brand, we are a force cutting across barriers to emphasize more on positivity and empowering women. Beyond being a brand for the stylish woman, Promote Plush is a brand committed to empowering women to only be their best selves. We offer only the best and most exotic clothing items to help boost our women's confidence and create women who follow their dreams and inspire other women.